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2017 Annual Top 10 Patent Reexamination & Invalidation Cases Released

On April.26, Zhu Renxiu, Deputy Director of Patent Reexamination Board (PRB), released the 2017 top 10 patent reexamination and invalidation cases (hereinafter referred to as “Cases”) during the Open Day activities of SIPO. Among the Cases, 7 were claims for invalidation of inventions, 1 request for invalidation of designs, and 2 claims for retrial of inventions, covering fields like electricity, communications, medicine, chemistry, optoelectronics, and designs. 

It is the ninth year in a row for PRB to release annual selection of its major cases which has received extensive public attention. In order to meet the needs of the public to further understand the ten major cases, PRB held the meeting called “close to the top 10 cases” for the first time, and conducted an in-depth interpretation of the decision. About 150 representatives from innovative entities, patent agencies participated in the on-site meeting. At the same time, the meeting was also released at the official website of PRB, 8,000 people browsed the relevant content on the website on that day.
Among the ten cases, some are chosen for social influence and public attention; some for great influence in certain industry; some are related to major or complicated legal issues; and some for guiding significance of the establishment and implementation of reexamination standards. These cases cover three types of patents in technological fields like telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials, and optoelectronics and so on.

The release of the Cases played a positive role in the promotion of the patent system, the interpretation of patent examination standards, and the protection and encouragement of innovation. During the IP Publicity Week, people.com.cn, chinanews.com, Legal Network, China Science and Technology Network, China Intellectual Property News and other media reported the news of the top ten cases and published relevant contents.(Contributed by Yang Zhongchao, photographed byJiang Wenjie, Liu Yang, and translated by Fan Rong)


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