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PRB and Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office Conduct Joint Trial

On June 26, Patent Reexamination Board (PRB) and the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office carried out a joint trial on the invalidation request concerning the same patent right and the patent infringement dispute.

In the joint trial, the panel of PRB firstly conducted anoral hearing on the invalidation request. At the same time, the collegial panel of the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office had a further understanding of the scope of patent right protection and the focus of the dispute.Then the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office continued to conduct the trial of the infringement disputes after the invalidation oral hearing was concluded. The staff from the Tianjin Intellectual Property Office, the Hebei Provincial Intellectual Property Office and the Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Center of the Patent Office, SIPO observed the hearing.

This joint trial, on the one hand, shortens the period of definitive rights and rights protection in patent infringement disputes, saving both timeand cost of the two parties’ for the patent rights protection, effectively reduces administrative costs; on the other hand, it promotes exchanges between the PRB and local intellectual property offices. We have accumulated more experience in improving the efficiency of rights determination and rights protection, strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, and improving the construction of an intellectual property protection system.(Contributed by Xing Peng, photographed byLiu Zhe, and translated by Fan Rong)


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